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We are always looking for interesting articles with a historical bent. Topics are pretty much wide open. Anything on Iowa history, people, or places is right up our alley. Stories of local history and doings are always appreciated. While straight up dry factual reporting is not our thing, anything well written and with an Iowa slant will fit the bill perfectly.

In general, articles should run between 1500 to 2500 words. If your topic is just amazing - possibly up to 5000 words. We would also like to see shorts of 500 to 750 words, especially if you have photos or illustrations (that you own the rights to) to publish with it. Examples here are - ancestors who were pioneers, frontier sheriffs, doctors, or anyone who stood out in their time and did something others would like to read about.

Now for the bad news. We can't pay in money (not now anyway). But we will be happy to give you a great author bio with your article and publish your picture along with it.

Submission guidelines

1) All articles must be well researched. Please include a short bibliography with your submission.
2) All submissions should be in Microsoft Word format (version 2003 or higher). We prefer single spaced.
3) If you are submitting illustrations, please verify that: a. You own them, and b. That you are giving us permission to publish them.
4) All articles should be slanted toward the everyday reader. No dry, or academic writing will be accepted. We want well written, fast moving, fun to read articles, that are informative and insightful.
5) We prefer to see the complete article. But, we will look at a query, if you prefer to work that way.

Art Work

If you are a blooming artist, or just an artist looking to see your work on the internet, feel free to submit what you've got. We are always on the lookout for great illustrations. We'll do our best to put an article with it so we can get you published.


If you have vintage photographs of Iowa people, places, or things – We would love to see them.  If you have a story to tell with them – even better ( and, don’t worry, if you’re not able to write the story, you can tell us all about it, and we will write it for you).

The same goes for events.  If you’ve been to an Iowa event, say for example a Civil War reenactment, or the like, we would love to share those pictures with our readers.

All photos and artwork should be submitted as jpegs. We prefer 300 dpi.


All articles, queries, and artwork can be emailed to

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